cooks playground - jenny morris - goggling gourmet“It’s Fork ‘n Fun!”

Spice up your party, leave blandness behind… in our kitchen, there’s always fun to find!

For a growing number of people, the next party they hold is as likely to involve chopping celery as chopping wood.

Leading the South African trend in “culinary partying”is Giggling Gourmet, known as the originator of CooksParties™ .

CooksParties™ – Where you can “bake your cake and eat it”. Each party is a lunch or dinner where “hands-on” cooking is the entertainment. You invite your guests to your party and they will be divided into groups, each cooking a different part of the menu that you’ve selected.

You will learn specific techniques that will be applicable to dishes you may want to cook at home. Our facilitators are experienced professionals, equally adept at leading both the eager novice and the experienced home cook. They have a comprehensive knowledge of virtually all cuisines, along with the experience to make cooking fun and entertaining.

These events are geared towards personal celebrations such as Birthdays, Baby showers, Kitchen Teas/Hens parties, Bachelor parties or Lunch / Dinner with special friends!

Giggling Gourmet has taken cooking programs to a level that would leave participants – and facilitators – with their mouths watering. Each party is conducted at the Giggling Gourmet School of Cooking, a world-class teaching kitchen with our unique U-Cooking™ U layout, state-of-the-art demonstration theatre and retail shop for professional calibre cooking tools.

Giggling Gourmet’s comprehensive approach not only teaches cooking skills, but also encourages people to experience the fun of cooking in a state-of-the-art, professional teaching kitchen. Participants who attend any of our cooking experiences have and will acquire skills they never thought possible.

The Giggling Gourmet CooksParties™ are typically 3 hour programs that typically accommodate 30 participants but depending on the theme up to 60 participants; however, the sessions and participant numbers can be be customised to meet specific objectives.

Regardless of what option is selected, participants not only have serious fun and learn cooking skills and techniques using the highest-quality kitchen equipment, but as a final reward for their achievement, they also enjoy their Epicurean masterpieces that they have collectively made.

Add a Wine or Beer tasting to your CooksParty™

jenny morris giggling gourmet perdeberg wineA sommelier will pair wine or beer with each course of your menu, giving background information and answering any questions you may have. Wine or beer tastings provide added enjoyment to the cooking experience. Upgrades on the tasting are available upon request.


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