jenny morris giggling gourmet cooking schoolThere’s only one place in Cape Town where first time cooks, experienced cooks, aspiring cooks, and creative people don aprons and chef hats, and spice-rub loins (lamb) and breasts (chicken) for one another..

For a growing number of people, eating, healthy lifestyle and entertaining around food has become a “must do” part of their lifestyle. Leading the South African trend in “Recreational Culinary Instruction” is Giggling Gourmet, known as the originator of CooksCourses™ and CooksClasses™.

The CooksCourse™ is a six week Around the Culinary World cooking course where you learn by participating in “Hands-On” cooking, its fun, easy and very satisfying – you will learn specific techniques that will be applicable to dishes you may want to cook at home, this course and introduce the world into your Kitchen – with things like – Fabulous ways with Chicken – From Drunken Thighs to tasty Tit Bits, you will learn that there’s Nothing Fishy about Fish! – Fish from naked to well dressed, Foreplay! – Something you can’t get started without it – Fabulous starters, Souped up Cheese! -Getting souped up and Cheesed Off – Running hot and cold, Latin Passion! – Going Med – Getting stuffed Bread – From roasted to stuffed you can’t get enough, Something Sweet! – Hot and Cold – From Brown to Gold as well as Hot and Steamy , Cold and Creamy CooksClass™ is a one off speciality class that could be for example an Italian, Chinese, Bread-making etc.

jenny morris giggling gourmet cooking schoolOur facilitators are experienced professionals, equally adept at leading the eager novice and the experienced home cook. They have a comprehensive knowledge of virtually all cuisines, along with the experience to make cooking fun and entertaining. Giggling Gourmet has taken cooking programs to a level that would leave participants – and facilitators – with their mouths watering.

Each CooksClass™ is conducted at the Giggling Gourmet School of Cooking, a world-class teaching kitchen with our unique U-Cooking™ U layout, state-of-the-art demonstration theatre and retail shop for professional calibre cooking tools.

Giggling Gourmet’s teaches you to, “Own The Recipe: is used for all Giggling Gourmet cooking events such as our TeamCooking™ Team-Building Experience”, CooksParties™ the cooking pariy of note and all other cooking classes, not only teaches cooking skills, but also encourages people to experience the fun of cooking in a state-of-the-art, professional teaching kitchen.

The Giggling Gourmet CooksCourses™ take place on a Monday evening 6 for 6.30 pm and the duration is typically a 3hour session. These class accommodate no more than 24 participants who, not only have serious fun and learn cooking skills and techniques using the highest-quality kitchen equipment, but as a final reward for their achievement, they also enjoy their Epicurean masterpieces that they have collectively made.

We often have a CooksSashay™ : a guest appearances by food manufacturers, beverage companies and well known celebrity chefs who strut their stuff. This is where you could be introduced to new products, facts and techniques.

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