giggling gourmetJenny’s signature “ExperientialCooking™” method based on her philosophy that “Taking a recipe and owning it”, is the perfect compliment to the distributors’ consumer outreach programmes.

Leading national distributors of speciality appliances, as well as food and beverage products for the home and catering industry, have joined forces in this great venture to bring family and food together.

This exciting state-of-the-art facility is situated inside the trendy Cape Quarter in Green Point in the Mother City and can be found at Unit 26, Level Zero, Cape Quarter Square, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point. Tel +27 (0)21 425 3000

The CooksPlayground™ consists of the following elements

The School

This may be the most enjoyable school on earth – even the homework is fun! As for the teachers, you can expect the same type of performance from them as you would from the state of the art equipment and accessories. They are the absolute best at their craft, whether they’re Giggling Gourmet staff, local chefs, or visiting guest chefs.

They teach three basic types of classes – “ExperientialCooking™ (hands-on)”, TeamCooking™ (team-building) and demonstration classes. The participation kitchen, with our unique and a world first U-Cooking™ U layout, complete with outfitted professional appliances, is the setting for hands-on workshops, with multiple work stations for up to 28 students. And there is plenty of space for excellent one-on-one instruction.

For groups of as many as 80 people, including convention groups and group tours, the “CooksTheatre™” – with seating and strategically placed video monitors – creates the perfect arena for professional cooking demonstrations.

The Shelves

The Giggling Gourmet CooksPlaygound™ retail store, coffee bar and cooks library gives you the tools you need to create masterpieces. With shelves stocked with a selection of the finest culinary tools available, you’ll find hand-forged German knives, French copper sauté pans, and everything else any gourmet enthusiast could possibly need. “Our buyers travel the world looking for the finest, most unique tools to suit the most serious culinary consumer”, says Jenny. Inventory includes such selections as knives, kitchen tools, spatulas, and cookware. And every tool is commercial in style and professional in performance.

The Experience

You’ll find a number of products on display at the Giggling Gourmet CooksPlaygound™, giving you a chance to look the products over in a live kitchen environment – or actually take them for a “test drive” in the CooksTheatre™.

The venue will be ideal for Food Photography and Film Shoots, to hold Special Events, Product launches and more. “Taking a recipe and owning it” is about a hands-on food learning experience allowing family, friends and colleagues to spend time cooking and sharing meals together. A number of key distributors have long believed in helping families by providing them with products that provide the time to be together. All that was missing was the catalyst that the Giggling Gourmet CooksPlayground™ can now provide.

Jenny Morris believes that combining ExperientialCooking™ and TeamCooking™ with easy-to-use recipes, combined with top time-saving products, we can reduce the cooking time by 50-75% when preparing the family meal. This allows families to have more time to spend together without sacrificing the flavour and quality of their favourite meal.”

Jenny’s “TeamCooking™” recipes are easy to follow, breaking the meal preparation into teams. Each team has a role in the recipe and they all come together to complete the meal. “ExperientialCooking™” are featured prominently in Jenny’s cookbooks, Rude Food, Nude Food, Good Food (published in 2004) and More Rude Food (published in 2006). Jenny’s TeamCooking™ recipes are easy to follow, breaking the meal preparation into teams.

Each team has a role in the recipe and they all come together to complete the meal. “ExperientialCooking™” are featured prominently in Jenny’s cookbooks, Rude Food, Nude Food, Good Food (published in 2004) and More Rude Food (published in 2006).

As part of her relationship with the distributors, Jenny will use her recipes, some of which can also be found in her book, with the state of the art equipment and top quality food and beverage products. Whether in her role as a successful caterer and chef at Giggling Gourmet, radio and television personality, or in the family kitchen, Jenny Morris has inspired millions with her love of cooking. To that end, she has created a simple guide to planning and preparing meals that create a sense of celebration, whether the meal is for two or twenty-two.

By following Jenny’s clear and simple instructions, both new and experienced cooks can perfect their culinary techniques, while enjoying wonderful stress-free dining experiences.

Similarly, the distributors vision is to add value to the innovative products and services they provide to consumers. Focused on their customer and dedicated to their complete satisfaction, the products featured will make every consumer experience memorable for the consistent quality of their efforts. Jenny will illustrate that “cheese is not just a sandwich” and there are more partners for jam than just bread.

With appropriate advance notice, The CooksPlayground™ may be available for trade and press events. With a 30 station hands-on teaching kitchen, and an 100 -seat demonstration kitchen, the school provides unique space for companies presenting new food, beverage and cooking products as well as participate in TeamCooking™ and CooksParties™

Over the years, we have been the venue of choice for groups including amongst many others:

  • Old Mutual
  • MWeb
  • Cape Grace Hotel
  • BOE Private Bank
  • Investec Bank
  • Checkers
  • Clover
  • V & A Waterfront Company
  • Wine of the Month Club / Good Taste Magazine
  • Lifestyle Communications
  • SAS (S.Africa)
  • Shell South Africa
  • Appletiser
  • British American Tobacco
  • University of Cape Town (UCT)
  • Sanlam
  • Spirit of Africa
  • Lufthansa Airlines
  • Spur Group
  • South African Broadcasting Corporation
  • Swartland

Similarly culinary trade groups have found the space perfect for meetings and presentations. including:

  • Clover
  • LG
  • Willow Creek
  • Pepperdew
  • Farmer Brown
  • Swartland Wines
  • Savannah
  • Amarula

It has been the venue of choice for photo and TV shoots for amongst others:

  • Food24
  • McCains
  • Summit TV / Weekend Property
  • Pasella
  • Kos
  • Roer
  • What’s Your Flava series
  • Taste Magazine
  • Fairlady Magazine
  • Top Billing


For more information and to book, contact us.