If you have a passion for travel, a taste for world cuisine, and a desire to learn more about local dishes, markets, and sites, Giggling Gourmet FoodTours™ will take you, your family, friends, or your executives on an unforgettable international journey with tour master, Jenny Morris and her team, that you will tickle all of your senses.

Giggling Gourmet FoodTours™ are the best food adventures on earth – what makes us special is the ability to go behind the scenes and experience the local cuisines, people and places in the countries we visit.

According to Jenny . . .

Giggling Gourmet FoodTours™ was merely an idea I had put on the back burner which I would investigate as an extension to my activities, this was back in 2001 when friends and business associates mooted the idea that I should come along on a trip which would be food orientated.

The rest is history and our food tours have grown into a successful program of trips that started by visiting the Far East, since then destinations have included Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China. Future destinations will include Australia, Italy and South America.

Jenny Morris who is a respected food author, radio broadcaster and Television food presenter, and her associated travel company design all adventures with their own ground staff at each destination.

“I have always loved finding new spices, new foods, different places and markets discovering new little restaurants tucked away down the back streets that my nose would lead me to. My notebooks are always filled with questions and notes on food, political and economic events and interview questions as well as notes on the food I’d discovered along the way of my travels.

On each FoodTour™ you’ll be personally led by both Jenny and her ground staff at each destination, the groups are no bigger than 20 people.

Additional experienced guides who are well versed in the particular cuisine and culture of the region being visited are used to do our local transportation.

It is also important not just to offer an introduction to the food, but also to give an insight into its culture as well.

When particular dishes are being cooked, I want people to know how much the chef has relied on what his mother or grandmother taught him. That way any questions can be easily answered and valuable “local” knowledge imparted about the relevant cuisine at hand, its history, special ingredients and whether it is for everyday, only ceremonial or, has any religious significance.

It has been an utter joy planning the concept and working with the our FoodTours™ programme. At the time in my life where things are becoming busier than ever, with other major involvement in my business and one fully and two almost fully grown up children, I never tire of my hectic lifestyle – they are my passion and the best part is, that I know that they are opening up an exciting new world to the people that I bring along with me and each time there is something new and unexpected to look forward to.”

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