For a growing number of executives, the next corporate training session is as likely to involve chopping celery as chopping wood. Cutting edge training companies across the country are bringing groups in from the wilderness and steering them straight to the kitchen.

Donning aprons and chef’s hats, executives in these “ExperientialCooking adventures” learn as much about group dynamics – sometimes more – than managers who attend other traditional team-building programs.

Leading the South African trend in culinary corporate team-building is Giggling Gourmet, known as the originator of TeamCooking™.

Giggling Gourmet has taken cooking programs to a level that would leave ropes course participants – and facilitators – with their mouths watering.

Each session is conducted at the Giggling Gourmet School of Cooking, a world-class teaching kitchen, state-of-the-art demonstration theatre and retail shop for professional calibre cooking tools.

Giggling Gourmet’s comprehensive course, “Own The Recipe: The Giggling Gourmet Team-Building Experience” not only teaches team-building skills, but also encourages people to experience the fun of cooking in a state-of-the-art, professional teaching kitchen.

The Giggling Gourmet team-building sessions are typically 4 – 6 hour programs that generally accommodate up to 24 participants; however, the sessions can be expanded and can also be customised to meet specific corporate objectives. Regardless of what option is selected, participants not only learn cooking and team-building techniques using the highest-quality kitchen equipment, but as a final reward for their achievement, they also enjoy their Epicurean masterpieces at the end of the session.

At the start of a session, the facilitator explains the objective: to understand and appreciate the differences in behavioural styles and personalities of each co-worker. As with any team-building program, each player is able to experience in a new, objective way the dramas that play out in the workplace. When issues arise, groups are coached on how to work with differing behavioural, supervision and analytic styles, encouraging each member to interact and communicate more effectively.

The Giggling Gourmet TeamCooking™ team-building sessions are extremely effective at improving team members’ communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills – key goals of team-building exercises.

The impact of the Giggling Gourmet Team Building program lasts far beyond the one-day course. The facilitator ensures that insights and lessons learned in the kitchen are taken back to the workplace. According to Jenny Morris, “When groups return to the office and resort to old behaviour, someone is sure to humorously remind them of the ‘recipe’ for creating harmony and improving communication on the job.”

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